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Hitachi EX1900-5 for Sale

19th August 2019 Refurbished Hitachi EX1900-5 Excavator. Year of Manufacture - 2004 Model …. Serial Number - HCM18C00K00000132 Total Hours - 32,269 Fitted with 12 cum rock bucket. More...

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Ore Sizer

Ore Sizer range of vertical shaft impactors have been used to crack difficult problems in many diverse areas all over the world including quarrying, reclamation, steel slag recovery, glass processing, diamond mining, gold mining and lime production.

The Ore Sizer primary scalping grid - is a rugged, low cost mobile unit for use on the quarry pit floor, to eliminate over-sized rock particles prior to crushing and is versatile and light and can be positioned easily using readily available plant.

Ore Sizer Vertical Shaft Impactors

Vertical Shaft Impactor/ VSIOre Sizer Vertical Shaft Impactors have been designed using the latest technology and conform to the European C.E. mark and international industry standards to produce aggregates of the highest specifications. They can be supplied as static, portable, fully mobile or track mounted units.

Ore Sizer OM 80/90

With a maximum feed size of 75mm, the OM 80/90 has a throughput of 60-200 tonnes per hour. It features a deep rockbox for optimum crushing, an easily fitted "cartridge" type bearing assembly and all drop-in wear parts for easy replacement. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 port rotors are available in three different sizes which enables optimization of product grading and wear cost.

Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid

ScreenThe Ore Sizer Primary Scalping grid is used in aggregate recovery where it would typically be positioned over the feed conveyor to a third or fourth stage crushing machine. It can be used to eliminate potentially troublesome oversized particles or to capture rogue elements such as rubbish or foreign bodies e.g. tools in the feed.

More recently, the Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid is proving popular in the construction material recycling and waste management industry. The grid is used to eliminate low grade soil/clay backfill or landfill grade material leaving behind clean, graded material ready for crushing.

The grid has a rugged, hard wearing construction with a fifteen year life expectancy and the average production time before servicing is 1 million tones when only the bars need replacing.

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